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The Ingenuity and Creativity is Unbelievable

Michal Hasson, the owner of Fire Glass Studio, was so enthusiastic about her glass infusion class, she got me interested! I first joined the studio’s adult night class, learning for the first time how to make something beautiful out of pieces of colored glass. The class was so fascinating, I found myself waiting for every Wednesday evening in anticipation. I couldn’t wait to see the end result of my work. With the dedicated guidance of the instructors and Michal’s great humorous positive energy, I’ve made some amazing plates and platters. My family was so amazed by my work, it got my youngest son hooked! He has since enrolled in two consecutive kid’s classes with Michal, both at his school and in her studio. I have to say, that the work that she’s doing with the kids is more than AMAZING!!! The ingenuity, patience and creativity level she’s sharing with the kids is unbelievable. My son is having so much fun, and the pieces he brings home look like artwork done by an accomplished Glass Artist. No one can believe it was made by a seven-year old.

If you’re looking for fun filled and creative activity, I would recommend Michal’s Glass infusion classes both for adults and kids.

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Vivi EdriFire Glass Studio student and mother of Kid’s Kraft student