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Finding A Fit For A Special Needs Child

I always believed that special needs children need to be with normal children in the community circle, it will benefit all. So, I decided to enroll my autistic 18-year-old son Yarin at a glass fusion class at Michal’s Fire Glass Studio.

Michal placed Yarin with typical younger children and wrapped him in warmth and love and accepted him unconditionally. The first reaction to Yarin was normal. The kids thought his voice was strange and were little hesitant to accept him as part of the group. Some kids were even frightened. Michal explained to the kids that the “voices” and “sounds” Yarin made were his special language. Like someone speaking French, we just didn’t understand it. Michal went on to say that Yarin was just “little baby in big body” and like all infants he just wanted to be loved and accepted. Gradually, the kids learned to accept Yarin and some even began helping him with his projects. By doing so and by integrating special needs kids in the main stream environment, there is more awareness to special education and acceptance in society.

I was so enthusiastic about the results with Yarin that I enrolled my youngest son, Liam and even I decided to take her adult class .It has been an amazing experience.

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Ayelet SassonMother of Special Needs Students and Beginning Fusion Glass Student