What is Glass Fusion Art?

Fused Glass Art refers to the process of taking pieces of cut glass and forming them into a desired shape that has been fired (heat-processed) in a kiln at a range of high temperatures from 593 °C (1,099 °F) to 816 °C (1,501 °F).

What is the fusion process?

The basic fusing and slumping process has five main stages:

  •  Heating phase – where the temperature increases from room temperature to the temperature where fusing and slumping takes place
  •  Soaking phase – where the temperature is maintained at a given point for a period of time
  •  Cooling phase – when the temperature falls from its highest point to just above the annealing range
  •  Annealing phase – the critical step that relieves the stress in the glass
  • Cool to room temperature phase – where the glass gradually becomes cool enough to touch

What are the different processes and techniques?

Most contemporary fusing methods or kiln forming involve stacking, or layering thin sheets of glass, often using different colors to create patterns or simple images.

The longer the kiln is held at the maximum temperature the more thoroughly the stack will fuse, eventually softening and rounding the edges of the original shape.

There are 3 main distinctions for temperature application and the resulting effect on the glass:

Slumping: firing in the lower range of these temperature 593º-677ºC (1100º 1250º F).

Slumping is the process of shaping the glass by bending it over or into a mold firing at a lower range of temperatures 593º-677ºC (1100º 1250º F) 

 Tack Fusing : Firing in the middle ranges of temperatures 677ºC- 732ºC (1250º-1350ºF)  until the glass just sticks together, with each piece retaining its individual character

Full Fusing: Firing two or more pieces of glass at the higher temperature range 732ºC -816ºC (1350º-1500ºF)  until they flow together.

All of these techniques can be applied to one glass work in separate firings to add depth, relief and shape.

Can any type of glass be used in the glass fusion process?

There are almost as many different types of glass as there are glass artists who want to use them. Types of glass range from basic window glass (called “float glass”) to brightly colored stained glass (also called “art glass”). Almost any type of glass can be used for creating Glass Fusion Art.

Glass expands when it gets hot and contracts when it cools down. The important thing to remember that different types of glass contract and expand at different rates. The expansion rate is known as the Coefficient of Expansion (COE) and is usually expressed as a whole number. In Glass Fusion Art generally types of glass that have similar COE rates are preferred. The most common glass used by artists are COE90 and COE 96.

It is crucial to make sure the glass you select is “compatible.” Using incompatible glass may cause cracking or even shattering of the piece when it cools.

At Fire Glass Studio we primarily use COE90 glass in our classes.

What are the different types of glass and forms?

The most common are:

Sheet glass – relatively flat, up to 30″ wide.  Sheet glass is typically 1/8″ (3mm) thick, but thinner and thicker varieties are available.

Frit – small, irregularly shaped glass pieces, available in sizes that range from around 1/2″ (6mm) in width to powders.

Stringer – long, thin threads of glass, about 1mm in diameter and up to around 18 inches (45cm) in length.  Some thicker stringer and related shapes (called “noodles”) are also available from some manufacturers.

Rods – round cylinders of glass, about 4-5mm in diameter and up to around 18 inches in length

Shards and confetti – slices of glass that are slightly thicker than a sheet of paper

Cullet, billets, patties, and dalle – various sizes and shapes of glass “chunks” used primarily for casting

Dichoric Glass- has the unusual property of reflecting one color while it transmits another. This means that the different colors can be viewed by examining the glass at different angles.

What types of Glass Fusion classes or workshops do you offer?

We offer a variety of classes and workshops in our Fire Glass Studio. Classes range from children’s course and after school classes to adult beginning, intermediate and comprehensive levels. Glass Fusion party’s and special events such as Birthday Party, Ladies Night Out, Bridal or Baby Showers, Workplace/Corporate Events, Elderly Home Courses and enrichment programs for schools. Our studio will design a program that will fit your needs.



What is the cost for a Glass Fusion Art course with Fire Glass Studio?

Fire Glass offers a variety of individual courses and workshops for children and adults in addition to special events.  Please check our current course, workshop and event fee schedules.

What are the individual course or workshop class sizes?

Most of our individual courses and workshops have a 6 person minimum and 8 person maximum restriction. Special events on site and off site have attendance requirements depending on the event.

What are the costs for supplies?

There are no supply costs, course fee includes supplies.

Is there an age requirement for children to participate?

Yes, the age requirement is age 6 and above to participate in any Glass Fusion course, workshop or event.

How many people can participate in an on site event planned with Fire Glass Studios?

Fire Glass Studio event room package requires 8 person minimum/16 person maximum.

Does Fire Glass Studio accommodate off-site functions or events?

Fire Glass Studio offers traveling workshops as an exciting opportunity to make real fused glass art pieces.

  • School or Educational facility to offer glass fusion as part of your afternoon enrichment program.
  • Senior or Elderly facility to give its residents an opportunity to create beautiful projects.
  • Company or Corporate location team building functions.

Our studio artists bring the supplies, tools and guidance needed to make unique and expressive glass art objects. Finished projects will be returned to the participants the following week, Our team can design the program that will fit your needs. 

The cost determined by the projects, number of participants and visits.

Do you offer any other courses or programs at your Fire Glass Studio?

The Fire Glass Studio is a great place to hold your next birthday party, corporate team building event, bridal or baby shower and/or private party. We offer a private party room which holds 25-30 people. Choose from pottery painting, beading, mosaics, glass fusing, wheel throwing, wax hands or create-a-bear.

Package Include

• 8 person minimum and 16 Maximum

• The use of the studio for 2 hours.

• All materials to complete one glass project per person and firing.

• Our Studio will provide supervised instruction and  introduction to glass fusion and

• Party Decoration set-up and clean-up

*Party room may be rented out for $25 for an extra hour to celebrate.

You are welcome to bring in food. We have a refrigerator, microwave, and cold/hot water.

Prices vary from $26- $50.00 per project. Project selection includes: Photo frame, Small Dish, Glass Hamsa, Shabbat Tray, Small hanging wall art and many more.

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