Fire Glass Studio Summer Fused Glass Gallery

Best in Glass: Creating Summertime Colors

The gallery at Fire Glass Studio is celebrating bright and bold colors of summer, featuring a wide variety of one-of-a-kind handcrafted light-filled glass sculptures, bowls and artifacts created by students and local artists.

Fire Glass Studio San Fernando Valley Glass Fusion Education – Michal Hasson

Michal Hasson

“It’s exciting to see it all come together this summer, it is such a beautiful season,” says Fire Glass Studio artist and founder Michal Hasson. “The gallery, along with our work tables, makes the studio friendlier and warmer for visitors, students and artists. Here at the studio, I want to give more people a chance to appreciate the special charm of fused glass art, learn the process of how things are made, and, perhaps, take home a piece of summer.”

Hasson, 50, a former Israeli soldier and now artist/entrepreneur working in Canoga Park, recently opened Fire Glass Studio, a place where adults, children and families produce dazzlingly beautiful glass fusion art. “The painter Marc Chagall, one of my favorite artists, used stained glass art to express new beauty and his faith. I think glass art can be so life-affirming,” she says.

Her passion about the healing power of fused glass art is evident. Her eyes sparkle when telling a visitor how the technical skills learned and the inspiration experienced are invaluable to a child, a senior, or anyone who needs a sense of accomplishment.

Fire Glass Studio Community Outreach Elder Care Project

Garden Crest resident proudly displays fused-glass project.

“Once a month, I drive down to Silver Lake to teach elderly residents at the Garden Crest Rehabilitation Center, and there’s no doubt in my mind that making fused glass art brings connections and meaning to their lives,” she says.

With an M.B.A. from University of Judaism, Michal, also a wife and mother of three, has her own reasons for mastering an art form. She talks about the time a serious illness, only a few years ago, caused her to step away from a successful career in business.

“Someone suggested doing fused glass, which I never really heard about before,” she says. “I found, however, that the tactile, careful process of fusing multicolored glass pieces into something wonderful was so appealing to me. And, yes, inspiring, in ways I never imagined.”


Largely self-taught, Hasson quickly gained an expertise in using glassmaking techniques and tools. The glass fusing process is a delicate mix of old- and new school methods. The skills are traditional ones:  using a fusing kiln, molding or flat-fusing glass items, and applying paint to glass with varying colors. But the design work can be cutting-edge, taking digital stencils or models to produce a unique-shaped bowl or jewelry piece.

“I love to keep things simple when instructing students,” she says.  “Method and craft will come together eventually as long as one focuses on the idea or result you envision.”

Hasson has made a commitment to improve her community outreach this summer and beyond, pointing to the studio’s schedule of new classes for kids, youth, families, and adults. “When I first started the studio, mostly friends and families signed up,” she says. “Now, for example, I’m going out to public and private elementary and middle schools to offer fusion glassmaking classes for after-school enrichment programs. I’m also looking forward to doing more art therapy sessions at nursing homes and so much more. I even created a new Web site to gain more visibility for the studio.”

Hasson says that as soon as the warm summer sunlight streams into her studio and tones up all the brilliant blues, golds, and greens of the fused glass art pieces, “I instantly know I’m in the right place and doing what I’m supposed to be doing: making each day  more beautiful. ”

Fire Glas Studio Summer Fused Glass Art

Fire Glass Studio Celebrates Its First Year In Business.

Fire Glass Studio held an Open House to celebrate its one-year anniversary. Fire Glass Studio offers glass fusing art classes and workshops to children and youth, families, and adults. Owner Michal Hasson said she was delighted for the opportunity to introduce a creative and enjoyable art form to communities throughout the San Fernando Valley.

“Our studio shows all our students how to take their imagination and bring it to life in a beautiful art form that is simple to learn, but has endless possibilities they can explore.” said Hasson. “We are constantly touched by the personal growth stories we get from individuals after just taking one class.”

The Open House featured gallery exhibits from glass art students and several independent glass artists, who use the studio space to enhance their art projects. In attendance were prominent glass artists, but also a number of visitors who had just discovered Fire Glass Studio. According to Hasson, guests were thrilled to discover the variety and quality of the colorful artworks on display, and, as an added bonus, they were given a chance to try their hand at creating their own one-of-a-kind fused glass art. Even some curiosity seekers found themselves at a craft table learning how to combine different shapes and colors of glass to make their own eye-pleasing keep-sakes.

Fire Glass Studio’s in-house artist and head of teaching, Darren Frale stated, “It is so much fun to see someone try their hand at glass fusioning for the first time. Watching someone go from ‘I could never do that’ to ‘I can’t wait to do it again’ makes what I do so worthwhile. Frale, who is a graduate of the Corning Museum of Glass as well as the famous Glass Furnace studios and a contributor at Santa Monica college’s Glass Art program, is an avid glass artist, who loves sharing his skill and passion with the student’s at the studio.

“We feel we have just begun to bring the special value of fused glass art to all kinds of communities and people,” said Hasson. “We can’t wait to see what we will achieve in the coming year.”

Fire Glass Studio Summer Camp 2014 Banner

Adventures In Glass Fusioning Summer Camp Announced

This summer, Fire Glass Studio is offering a special 2-week Summer Camp program for kids in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area called “Adventures in Glass Visioning.” The program was created to provide a unique and different alternative for the youth of our community to come and explore the world of Glass Art. During their two-week journey our young adventurers will discover:

  • the history and possibilities in Fused-Glass Art.
  • the many different types of techniques used to create Glass Art.
  • how to work with ceramics and acrylic paints to enhance their Glass Art.
  • how to work with artist tools such as brushes, saws, grinders, kilns and polishers.
  • how to combine paint, wood, glass and other media into works of art.
  • how to take their “Creative Vision” from their imagination, to paper, and then create stunning one-of-a-kind art they can treasure forever.

“Adventures in Glass Visioning” meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00am to 2:00pm for two-weeks and has six time slots open for the 2014 Summer Season. They are:

  • June 9 – June 20
  • June 23 – July 4
  • July 7 – July 18
  • July 27 – August 1
  • August 4 – August 15
  • August 18 – August 29

The camp is designed for kids age 6 to 16 and the cost is only $390.00 for the entire two-week session and includes all supplies and materials. If you sign up now and use the promo code “glassadventure” at checkout, you can receive an additional 10% discount.

Don’t miss this chance to let your kids explore their un-discovered creativity in this exciting adventure.



Entrance to Auschwitz

Local Visual Art Studio Fire Glass Studio proudly shares the work of Ruth Sussman, a local Glass Artist who uses her art to inspire others to let go of their pain and to always remember those who were lost.

Canoga Park, CA–Auschwitz, the very name conjures the Holocaust. It evokes nightmares, anger, tears, deep regret and piercing loss. The moral lesson it teaches, endures: “Always remember and never forget.”

As a young girl, Ruth learned of that dark chapter in our history when more that 6 million people were exploited and murdered simply because of their cultural heritage. Even though Ruth and her family were not direct victims of the horrors of that time, Ruth feels deeply moved by that period and began to create Glass-Art that would help her express the deep feelings she feels when she thinks on that time.

In remembrance of the Shoah, Ruth created a striking and powerful piece of fused-glass wall art (see photos below). In it, she captured its darkness and pain as well as its humbling message.

Ruth Sussman Holocaust Remembrance Artwork

Upon first seeing the piece, creator and owner of Fire Glass Studio, Michal Hasson stated “It is simply heartbreaking. It is so profound and striking. It instantly returned me home, re-living the pain of my family. Ruth perfectly captures that pain, the camp , the little Talit(prayer shawl) of a small child , the new and old dry blood…I was speechless.”
Michal understands the pain of the Holocaust Survivors too well. In 1940 Michal’s grandmother was killed by the Nazis and her mother Devora Finkelstein and her family barely escaped the same fate when they evaded German troops by running into a nearby forest where they became part of the partisan resistance movement in Poland until the war ended.

Michal says, “At Fire Glass Studio, we are humbled when we see one of our artists create something as powerful as this piece. When we can facilitate a creative experience that helps someone grow into the fullness of who they are through their Glass Art Visioning we believe that person can begin to express their deepest feelings and in that expression, bring healing. With healing comes confidence. With confidence comes desire to be in relationship and in relationships, bridges to communities are born. Building bridges in our community is one of the goals that Fire Glass Studio is committed to. Inspiring individuals to release their creative selves in order to build stronger communities and friendships within those communities is one of the biggest gifts we can offer back to others.”

This is why Ruth’s efforts hold so much meaning.

Michal says that Ruth began working with Glass Art almost ten years ago with Mosaic Glass. She then discovered the variety and depth of expression she could bring out in her work when she began to study Glass Fusioning.

In the last year, Ruth has become a constant fixture at Fire Glass Studio in their Open Lab Program which allows independent Glass Artists in the LA and San Fernando Valley area to come and create their art in a professional fully equipped studio at their own pace and desire. Ruth has a tremendous passion for her art. She loves the fluidity and tactile connection to molding glass into real world extensions of her feelings and imagination and seeing the results each morning when she opens the lid of the kiln used to fire her glass into its final shape.

To commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day, which begins at sunset, Sunday, April 27, and ends Monday evening, April 28, Michal is opening her studio to allow any local Glass Artists who would like to come and share their work, see some more of Ruth’s art, or to get together to speak on how the power of art can help create real change.

Fire Glass Studio Announces Spring Schedule

Fire Glass Studio, the premiere location  for residents in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area to learn the exciting visual arts process of Glass Art Creation, has released their spring 2014 schedule.

The Studio which opened in 2010 has been enjoying growing success and an ever-increasing fan base of dedicated students as well a usage by local professional and independent artists who use the studio’s professional environment to develop their own artwork.

Fire Glass Studio offers a full array of classes for both kids and adults. Classes are available for beginners, advanced students and those looking to refine their talents into higher levels of Glas Art creation.

The classes tend to fill up quick so be sure and reserve your space today. The studio is offering a companion discount of 10% discount off when you bring a friend.
Prices include complete instruction, access to our complete facility, all materials and tool s required to participate. All you bring is a sense of discovery and an expectation of fun and Fire Glass Studio provides the rest.

Adult Beginning Glass Fusion
$350 for 6 three-hour classes
Pre-requisite: None
Max # of students: 8
Date: TBD

In this fun and technical workshop you will be introduced to kiln formed glass through a variety of projects- full fusing layers of glass, tack fusing and more. You will learn the basics of how to cut, fuse and slump (shape) glasses, and make beautiful fused glass projects. The objective of this class is a solid foundation on kilnformed glass so that you’ll be able to begin working on your own with these techniques on class consensus. Glass, materials and all necessary tools are provided; just bring your ideas and creativity!

Adult Beginning Glass Fusion Weekend
Fee: $195 for 2 four-hour classes
Pre-requisite: None
Max # of students: 8
Date: TBD

This workshop Designed for those who wish to cover all the basics of kilnforming in two intensive days.  Learn glass cutting, fusing, slumping, glass compatibility, firing schedules, and more.  When you leave, you’ll know everything you need to know to get started fusing glass.

Adults Two Day Crackle Weekend
Fee: $175 for 2 three-hour classes
Pre-requisite: None
Max # of students: 8
Date: TBD

Join us for our unique take on the crackle process. We’ll learn the basic crackle process Once you’ve learned the basic crackle process, we’ll focus on taking it to the next level.  You’ll learn:

  • how to crackle with two or more colors, including reactions;
  • how to create crackle layers, with one color surrounding another;
  • and combining crackle with metals.

In addition to discussing firing schedules, we’ll also cover such variations as creating matte finishes and creating both raised and flat crackle surfaces. More crackle in two days than most courses teach in a week! . Familiarity with glass cutting and with basic fusing and slumping techniques is recommended, but not essential. All materials will be provided.

Pattern Bars Weekend
Fee: $195 for 2 four-hour classes
Pre-requisite: None
Max # of students: 8
Date:  TBD

Learn how to create one-of-a-kind designs by making pattern bars. A pattern bar is a thick bundle of glass that has been fused together to form a solid mass. The size of pattern bars can vary, but most are one or two inches by about an inch and several inches long. When formed, these bars can be cut into slices with a glass saw, lapidary saw, or trim saw and then re-fused to make unique items. In this 2-day workshop everyone will walk away with their own hand-crafted pattern bar . All materials and tools are supplied for this workshop.

KIDS Glass Fusion Workshop
Fee: $224.00 for 8 one-hour sessions once a week
Age: 6 and up
Pre-requisite: Beginning Fusion
Max # of students: 12
Date: Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00 (Next session to be announced)

Expand your children’s world beyond crayons and markers. Each project will bring a new adventure in creativity and imagination.
Children will make expressive glass art objects including, but not limited to, Tea Light holder, picture frame, wall art , sun catcher and many more. This is about having fun an creating art projects all at the same time!

Fused Glass Open Studio
Fee: $60.00 per three-hour space
Pre-requisite: Beginning Fusion
Max # participants: 8
Date: Every Wednesday from 10:00am – 1:00pm

For those who want to go beyond what they learned in school, or for those Glass Artists who are looking for a pristine, fully-equipped studio in which to practice their craft, Fire Glass Studio provides “Open-Space” access to our complete studio facilities to make your own glass artwork. The open lab is for completing your projects and be able to work in a self-paced, supportive and creative environment. Teaching staff will assist you with ideas, motivation, suggestion and techniques. The studio will provide you with tools and some limited martial (some frit and stringer) and will fire your projects at no additional cost. Firing is limited to one project per session.

Kids and Adults Parties

The Fire Glass Studio is a great place to hold your next birthday party, corporate team building event, bridal or baby shower and or private party. Our private Party Room which holds up to 16 people is available. Choose from a variety of craft activities including pottery painting, beading, mosaics, glass fusing, wheel throwing, wax hands or create-a-bear.

Package Includes

  • Use of our whole facility including our large Party Room” for your group
    (8 person minimum and 16 Maximum)
  • A FireGlass Instructor who will guide you and your guests through the basics of Glass Art Fusioning
  • The chance for you and your guests to make their own unique piece of Glass Art including your choice of:
    • Photo Frame
    • Small Dish
    • Glass Hamsa
    • Shabbat Tray
    • Small hanging wall art
    • and more.The use of the studio for 2 hours.
  • All materials and firing time to complete one glass project is included.
  • We do the set-up and clean-up!
  • We provide Party Decorations or will help you with yours.
  • You are welcome to bring in food.
    We have a refrigerator, microwave, and cold/hot water.

Prices vary from $26- $50.00 per person depending on the project selected.
You can extend the party by renting out our Party Room for only $25/hour

…and so much more

In addition to our regularly scheduled workshops, classes and “Open Studio” space offerings. Fire Glass Studio continues to expands it outreach into the community through several different opportunities for individuals and groups to bring the fun and exciting Visual Art medium of Glass Art to their next big event or to create specialized on-site programs for your business or organization.

Whether you and a few friends are looking for something exciting to try out, someone trying to think of a unique place to have a special event party or a hospital, school or other non-profit who thinks our Glass Arts Education program might be of benefit to those you serve, give us a call and see how Fire Glass Studio can help. Our team is ready to help “design” the perfect program for you and your group.

We specialize in:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Small Group Events
  • Special Occasion Celebrations
  • One day and multi-day workshops at your location
  • Enrichment programs at your school or other venue
  • Customized educational and training programs for special needs groups.

To learn more or to enroll in any of our classes or workshops, click on any of the enroll links above or browse our offerings here.

You can also call us at:  (818)709-1055 or email us at